We create.

The future of your furniture.

High-end residences. Super-yacht interiors. Corporate offices.

We believe that form, function, and originality are the basis of exceptional design.

— fig 1. Hervé in Pel de Tigre marble, inlay in Orginal Barn wood Bronze. — Photography by Kasia Gatkowska



Our product collection is a showcase of beauty, elegance, and imagination.


— fig 2. Nancy Torreele at work. — We aim to unleash the creative power of materials.

Our furniture, paneling, and one-of-a-kind finishes show the power of creativity to transform pure materials with intriguing ideas into unforgettable objects.

— fig 5. Mood board by Nancy Torreele


— The number of finishes we have developed in collaboration with our clients around the world.

— fig 5. Iced Barn wood copper. — Photography by Kasia Gatkowska

Iced Barnwood Copper.

The future of your furniture.

— Barn in the City's own invention is the Iced Barn wood finish — A customized Resin is applied on 150-year old reclaimed wood. One shining example is the Iced Barn wood Copper, in which the team worked with real silver and copper to create a magical combination of barn meeting the city.